Root Canal Therapy – Covington, LA

Save Your
Natural Teeth

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Root canal procedures have long been rumored to be painful and expensive. Root canals have long been rumored to cause pain instead of relieving it. That's why many of our patients are scared when they hear that they may require the treatment. We’re here to set the record straight and let you know that with today’s dental advancements, root canal therapy in Covington, LA is virtually pain-free can be less scary than you may think, and is actually better than the alternative of an extraction. It also allows us to relieve toothaches caused by dental infections while preserving the structure and function of natural teeth.

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The Root Canal Procedure

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The process of getting a root canal is relatively straightforward. We use this procedure to treat infections that have affected the pulp of your tooth, which is located in the inner chamber beneath the enamel and dentin. We’ll remove the cluster of infected soft tissue and nerves, which is causing your pain, and sanitize the area. We’ll then rebuild the structure of your tooth with a substance called gutta percha and protect it from further harm by placing a customized crown on top of it. This will allow you to continue using it as you normally would.

Reasons for a Root Canal

Computer illustration of tooth in need of root canal

The primary reason why we would suggest root canal therapy is because a severely damaged or decayed tooth has become infected. This occurs when harmful oral bacteria are allowed access into the vulnerable inner portion of your tooth and attack the sensitive pulp, which is a cluster of nerves and soft tissue. That’s why most people who have a tooth infection often experience intense and painful toothaches.

Root Canal vs Tooth Extraction

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Patients understandably want to understand and weigh their options. Some may want to opt for extraction, rather than a root canal because it seems to be the cheaper option. However, many other oral health and functional problems can occur due to a missing tooth, requiring more expensive treatment and more visits to your dentist in the future.

If a tooth structure can be preserved, it is usually better to do so. By simply removing the decayed tissue and nerves and placing a crown, we are protecting your overall oral health. The root of the tooth, which is left in place in a root canal, actually stabilizes your jaw bone and the crown keeps your teeth and bite in alignment. When a tooth is missing, the jaw bone will begin to dissolve in the area and surrounding teeth will shift and loosen. This can cause serious issues just as jaw pain, neck pain, and chronic headaches, known as temporomandibular disorder (TMD). This is why, if a tooth must be extracted, we recommend replacing it with a restoration, such as an implant-retained crown.