Periodontal Disease Treatment – Covington, LA

Protecting the Foundation
of Your Smile

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Gum disease is one of the top three oral health problems in the country, affecting one out of every two American adults according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This oral health problem occurs in two stages, the earliest being gingivitis, and the more advanced form known as periodontitis. Our goal at MoreSMILES Dental is to tackle the early signs of gum disease before it causes permanent damage to your mouth, such as tooth loss. Visit us for exceptional periodontal disease treatment in Covington, LA.

Why Choose MoreSMILES Dental for
Periodontal Disease Treatment?

  • Pain-Free Laser Periodontal Therapy
  • We Offer In-Office Dental Savings
  • Gum Screenings at Every Checkup

Scaling & Root Planing

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If you suffer from the earlier signs of gum disease, like inflammation, bleeding, and dental sensitivity, we’ll likely suggest our two-step treatment known as scaling and root planing. During the first part of this therapy, our team will clear all plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth as far down as the pockets of your gums. This will help reduce the prevalence of harmful bacteria that are causing your symptoms. Next, we’ll smooth out the roots of your teeth to allow your gums to healthily reattach and provide them with protection.


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When a patient comes in for a routine dental cleaning every six months, that process is known as a prophylaxis, and it’s performed on tooth structures that haven’t been seriously affected by infections or bone loss. However, if a patient has dense deposits of plaque and calculus that make it difficult to complete an evaluation, our team will recommend a procedure known as debridement as a preliminary measure to remove them. This is the first step towards better oral health!

Supportive Periodontal Therapy

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Unfortunately, periodontal disease is not a condition that’s permanently fixable. Instead, it will be crucial for patients to maintain thorough and diligent plaque control with help from the MoreSMILES Dental team over the years. That’s where supportive periodontal therapy comes in! We will develop a personalized program that includes regularly scheduled cleanings however often you may need (from every six months to only a few weeks apart) and assistance with at-home care, including daily brushing and flossing.

Antibiotic Therapy

Computer illustration of antibotic therapy for gum disease

In addition to laser periodontal therapy or scaling and root planing, we’ll likely suggest antibiotic therapy. We’ll prescribe an antibiotic in the form of a mouthwash, pill, or other oral hygiene product to help control the accumulation of harmful oral bacteria and aid your immune system in fighting off the infection. A prescription may include a low-dose of antibiotics over a long period of time or a strong dose for a shorter treatment.