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man holding jaw in painDental emergencies can come in many different forms – they may happen in the blink of an eye as a traumatic injury to the mouth, or they could develop gradually as tooth pain that builds and builds. Whatever your situation is, Dr. James Moreau, Dr. Shannon Doyle, and the rest of our dedicated team at MoreSMILES are here to provide support and relief. We do our best to see emergency cases as soon as possible, and patients of record are encouraged to contact us after-hours if needed; you’ll be provided instructions via our answering machine for how to page one of the doctors. Common dental emergencies we see and treat include the following:

Here are some helpful first-aid tips for common dental emergency situations as you make your way to our Covington, LA location:

Knocked-Out Tooth

Do you still have the tooth? If so, rinse any foreign debris off the crown portion while taking care to touch the root/natural tissue portion as little as possible. Then, if possible, place it back into its original position within the mouth and hold it in place. Alternatively, place the tooth in a cup/plastic bag of milk. Then, proceed to our office as soon as possible! A tooth’s chances of being successfully replanted steadily decrease as more and more time passes.

Cracked/Broken Tooth

If any significant portions of the tooth have become separated, gather them and bring them with you to our office. In the meantime, placing a cold compress over the affected cheek can help reduce swelling.

Painful Toothache

Is it possible that something stuck between the teeth is causing the discomfort? Floss around the pained tooth carefully to dislodge any foreign debris or food particles. If the discomfort persists, contact us. While it is fine to take a painkiller to temporarily relieve your symptoms, avoid placing the capsule directly against your soft tissue, as this may cause burning.

While dental emergencies can’t be entirely avoided, there are steps patients and their families can take to reduce their risk over time. These include:

If you’re experiencing heavy, sustained oral bleeding that isn’t affected by applying pressure or a potentially broken jaw, please proceed immediately to your nearest emergency room. Once you’ve healed from your ordeal, our doctors can provide quality reconstructive and cosmetic services to replace any damaged and/or missing teeth that were suffered in the incident.

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