Smile Assessment – Covington, LA

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You’re ready to transform your smile for the better – but how? This question can feel overwhelming at first, which is why our team can’t wait to help you narrow down your priorities and desires. Answer the questions in our smile assessment for Covington, LA cosmetic dentistry patients below and submit your answers directly to the dental office. We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss treatment options that may be a good fit!

Where are you in your search for a cosmetic dentist?

You are the first office I have contacted. I am actively reaching out to other offices. I have had one or more consultations with other offices.

Which Statement Best Describes Your Biggest Concern with Your Teeth?

I have an uneven gum line. I have discolored teeth. I have broken, worn down, or misshapen teeth. I have wrinkles around my lips.

What Is Your Biggest Concern (If Any) About Cosmetic Dentistry?

I’m scared of the treatment process. I want to make sure the dentist I choose is truly qualified. I don’t think I can afford it. I don’t have the time for treatment. I don’t really have any concerns.

Are You Interested in Veneers?

Yes No