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Factor or Fiction? Gum Disease is Linked to Heart Health

March 20, 2020

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Physician holding digital gum disease.Your smile is essential to your quality of life. Not only does it influence your self-esteem and your outlook on life, but also your ability to perform simple tasks, like chewing, speaking, and even yawning. Believe it or not, your smile also affects your heart health. There is direct evidence linking gum disease to cardiovascular complications, including heart attack and stroke. You can protect your heart health by committing to your oral hygiene.


Which Foods Will Help Improve My Gum Health?

March 8, 2020

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Are you a potato chips and cookies kind of person, or do you prefer to snack on apples and raw celery sticks? If you’re like most people, while you may not eat solely carbs and sweets, you probably don’t incorporate as many healthy options as you should. Because of this, you might find that your waistline isn’t shrinking as you want, but what about the rest of your body? How do the foods you eat help or hinder your smile, for instance? Let a dentist explain which items you should begin eating more of if you want to maintain good gum health.


Want To Save Money On Dental Bills? See a Dentist Every 6 Months!

February 24, 2020

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Did you know that an estimated 32% of adults don’t get regular dental checkups? Many people don’t want to schedule these visits because they’re trying to save money or avoid painful dental work. Unfortunately, however, that usually backfires. In this blog, you’ll find out how seeing a dentist regularly maintains your oral health in the long run and saves you a lot of time and money in the dental chair. Learn more below!


Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Child’s Baby Teeth

February 4, 2020

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If you think baby teeth aren’t that important, guess again. Yes, they will “just fall out” someday, but the health of these pearly whites can pave the way for the type of smile they will have once permanent, adult teeth arrive. With so many misconceptions about the importance of these primary teeth, a dentist in Covington looks to explain why it’s best to start your child’s dental hygiene habits early and what you can do at home to help them along the way.


5 Tips for Effective Flossing

January 14, 2020

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woman flossingYou know you’re supposed to brush your teeth at least twice per day to keep your smile healthy. Besides your toothbrush, you have another essential tool at home to maintain your dental health. Flossing is equally important as your toothbrush to prevent common issues from occurring, particularly gum disease. While it may seem self-explanatory, many people don’t floss correctly. The wrong technique not only makes it less effective, but it can also damage your gum tissue. You don’t need to put your smile at risk. Here are 5 tips to make flossing easy and effective.


Find Out How Convenient It Can Be to See a Family Dentist

January 4, 2020

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Are you tired of running all over town to make sure your kids get to their dentist appointments? Is it frustrating trying to keep up with each dentist’s quirks and personality? If so, it may be time to consider seeing a dentist for the entire family. Instead of spending valuable time and money on going from one place to another, you can reap the benefits of a family dentist who can provide high-quality services for everyone you love. Before settling on the first person you come across, spend some time learning about why you should seek a family dentist in the first place.


5 Tips To Avoid Dental Emergencies While You Travel During The Holidays

December 18, 2019

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Even if you love visiting your dentist, their office is probably the last place you want to be during your holiday vacation. While dental emergencies aren’t completely avoidable, when you take preventive measures, you can reduce the chance that you or a family member will experience one. Read on for five tips to keep you out of your emergency dentist’s office while you’re travelling for the holidays.


Does Lack of Sleep Increase Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease?

November 29, 2019

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If you are frequently tired throughout the day no matter how much sleep you seem to get, you’re not alone. It likely means that you suffer from a sleep condition known as sleep apnea, where you suffer from episodes of not being able to breathe for a short period of time at night. This can lead to snoring as well as waking up during the night choking or gasping for air. You might not remember these episodes, but they keep you from getting the restful sleep you need. And according to a recent study, lack of quality sleep may actually increase your risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease later on in life. Read on to learn more.


Keep a Healthy Smile with These 6 Flu Season Tips

November 13, 2019

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When cold and flu season strikes, you might become so concerned with caring for your overall health that you do not think much about your dental health. But did you know that colds and flus — and what you do to fight them — can have an effect on your teeth? Let’s discuss a few flu season tips that will help you stay healthy from teeth to toe this fall and winter.


Want to Save Money? Maximize Your Dental Insurance

October 30, 2019

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As we enter the busiest, most expensive time of the year, you take a closer look at your finances. Every dollar counts, especially when you’re putting together a budget for gifts and holiday activities. You try to be careful with your money, but if you haven’t visited your dentist in a while, and you don’t use your checkup appointment before the end of the year, you could be leaving a significant amount of money unused. Furthermore, not attending this appointment could actually end up costing you a lot more money in the long run. In this post, you’ll learn and understand why taking advantage of your dental insurance benefits is a smart financial choice.

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