The More Smiles Difference

Choosing The Right Dentist In Louisiana

At MoreSMILES, Personal Service Makes All The Difference!

Why you should choose MoreSMILES?

Because you'll smile more

Because you'll be comfortable

Because you can expect progressive solutions to keep abreast of emerging technology

Because you deserve a higher standard in health care 

Because you can trust 30+ years of experience providing preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, simple restorations and complex case management for children, adults and seniors

Because thousands of other people who've chosen MoreSMILES, and continue to return, can't all be wrong.

Peace Of Mind


Your safety is our concern. You can be confident that our team is highly trained and skilled at using our technology to ensure your safety. Our standards exceed the Centers for Disease Control guidelines. Ask us about our 11-point safety and sterilization checklist.

A Family Friendly Environment

Family members (children or adults) can choose to stay together during dental visits.  Our treatment rooms have comfortable space to accommodate your support system as needed.  Parents are welcome to accompany their kids, and even some adults feel better with a loved one close by.

Our Service Promise

Serve you with excellent, personalized dental care

Allow adequate time to treat you thoroughly and comfortably

Continuously reinvest in the latest dental technology

Constantly stay abreast of new techniques that will improve the look, function and durability of the solutions to your wants and needs

Hire only people that have your best interest at heart as if their own family member was in your place.

Our Attention To Detail


You'll find in our state-of-the-art facility a variety of amenities to meet and exceed what you might typically expect from a dental office.

Personal music - we offer a selection of CDs and headsets for use during your visit. Feel free to bring your own favorite CD.

Dip your hands in warm paraffin and wrap your neck with a heated, herbal pillow to help you relax.

Refreshments - our juice bar is fully stocked with healthy choices, coffee, bottled water and iced tea. Frequently, we'll even put out some fresh baked cookies and lemonade.

Overhead TVs - Choose from a variety of cable programs and satellite music channels.

Warm blankets - Get cozy under a heated blanket while the dentist tends to your smile.

Hot towels - At the end of your appointment, we offer a hot lemon or lavender towelette to help you freshen up and face the world again.

"The Goodbye Mirror" - On the way out, stop by the "Goodbye Mirror" to refresh your lipstick or check your hair.

Homework and reading desk - a comfortable nook for tots to teens to catch up on homework or enjoy our collection of entertaining and educational books. Learn about dinosaurs or Presidents of the United States, view 3-D pictures of insects, or read the tooth fairies "tell-all" book.

Optional Services ( Spa Treatments )

Please call in advance to confirm current rates and availability of spa services

Reflexology - Gentle foot message provided by a licensed massage therapist helps your whole body to relax. This can slow your heart rate, your breathing and prolong any anesthesia you may receive. Enhance your state of mind.

Manicure/Pedicure - Many of our patients have a very busy schedule. Scheduled in advance with our on-call licensed nail technician, this can be done before, during or after your dental appointment right there in our ergonomic dental chair. Soft music and a garden view enhance this pleasant experience. We help you to pamper yourself through the convenience of "two appointments in one".

Louisiana cuisine lunch - For long procedures, we can often comfortably schedule a mid-way break. We can serve you a complimentary smoothie or a relaxing, delicious meal in private in our office-whatever your preference.

Check Out Our Unique Treatment Rooms


We encourage parents to accompany their children throughout their visit with us. Our garden-view patient exam rooms have been designed to allow the whole family to sit together if desired. We also have a variety of books, toys and refreshments for young children. The Homework and Reading Desk provides a comfortable spot for tots to teens while in the reception room. We want your time with us to be stress-free and safe.

Look Forward to Visiting the Dentist! For Fine Dentistry with a Personal Touch, in the metro New Orleans area, including Metairie, Slidell, Covington, Mandeville, and throughout Louisiana, call or make an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in New Orleans today.