High Tech - Technological Innovation has changed dentistry

We have invested in years of training, the latest equipment and technology, and we strive for excellence in service in order to exceed your expectations. We want to become the standard by which your family will measure all other medical care.

Your comfort is now state-of-the-art.

We have the latest innovations in dental technology and materials, including three different types of dental lasers, digital x-rays and CEREC CAD-CAM restorations.

We evaluate new technology based on its benefits to our patients. Today's generation of children may never think of the dentist office as an unpleasant experience. For those of us who grew up with stereotypical dental phobias, we have turned that concept around.


Computer technology now makes getting a crown easier than ever. The tooth can be prepared and the final restoration delivered the same day without even taking an impression. This eliminates the need to wear a temporary crown for several weeks, and it's no longer necessary to return to our office for a second appointment to complete the procedure. Best of all, there's no additional cost for this excellent service.

Dental Lasers

We use three different kinds of lasers at MoreSMILES.

Laser technology can help you avoid a root canal infection by detecting even the smallest cavities at the earliest possible level. This laser actually looks beneath the surface of your teeth to detect decay on the inside. This has become important because with the widespread use of fluoride, the outer tooth surface is more decay resistant but decay can get an undetectable "foothold" and grow to the inside of the tooth before symptoms appear.

A soft-tissue laser recontours your gumline to create more aesthetic harmony and can be used by the doctor in the treatment of gum disease or in restoring teeth where minimal tooth structure remains.

The hard-tissue laser is used cosmetically to increase the length of teeth to create a fuller smile.  It can also be used in certain instances to restore teeth that have moderate decay.

Intraoral Camera


The INTRAORAL CAMERA allows us to show you the condition of your mouth while still in the chair. These images are magnified and shown on the patient's chairside computer screen.

Digital X-rays


Digital Dexis takes the mystery out of x-rays.  You'll see on the chairside computer monitor exactly what we see.  Intraoral images and x-rays can be enlarged and enhanced so you can clearly see what's going on inside your mouth. We can zoom in on problem areas and colorize the image to better distinguish between healthy and decayed tooth areas. This technology eliminates 90% of the radiation released by "old-fashioned" x-rays. We can even print copies of your radiographs if needed.